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Written in Stone - Coquina Jasper aka Script Stone

Written in Stone - Coquina Jasper aka Script Stone

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Coquina Jasper is a sedimentary rock that is composed almost entirely of fossilized coral and the shells of mollusks, trilobites, brachiopods, or other invertebrates and calcite. 

It has many names - Calligraphy Stone, Script Stone are a few.   

Coquina Jasper is said to allow you to remain grounded and centered.  It helps stabilize the aura.  It is also used to connect with your guides and promotes clarity.

This is set in a lovely patterned copper bezel with a backplate cut to mimic the stone's patterns.  I applied a light patina to the copper to enhance the colors in the stone.  

The pendant measures 2.62" from the top of the bail and is 1.44" wide.  It comes with a 19" copper snake chain.

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