Coins FAQ

Why don’t you send your coins to be graded?

There are many reasons.  First, we find it to be prohibitively expensive; the cost is, of course, passed on to our customers.  After paying for the service, shipping (both ways), and insurance, the average cost of grading a single submission is around $60.00.  Additionally,   there is far too much disparity in the grades assigned by third party grading services.  We have seen many coins which Of Coins & Crystals would grant a grade of no better than VF-30 achieve a grade of XF-45.  Conversely, coins which in our opinion grade Choice Uncirculated (MS-63), are assigned a grade of no better than AU-55.
So, while it’s nice to have the backing of a reputable third party grading service endorse your coin, frankly, the wise coin buyer purchases the coin, not the slab that the coin is housed in.
Almost without exception, our offerings, if they are ‘slabbed’, were purchased from a collector or another coin dealer, already having been previously graded.


What do you base your grade on?

We keep a copy of the American Numismatic Associations ‘Grading Standards for United States Coins’ at our fingertips at all times.  Add to that, Pete’s 45 years’ experience, and Christine’s 10 years’ experience, and the result is (we hope), a competitively accurate assignment of grade for the majority of coins.  Grading, by all accounts, is highly subjective and somewhat a matter of personal taste.  At Of Coins & Crystals, we strive to grade our coins as conservatively as possible.

Last but certainly not least, whenever there is any doubt, we request the opinion of one or more reputable coin dealers.  Many of our repeat customers are other coin dealers, most of whom are well established and trusted country-wide.

What if I don’t agree with your grade?

Returning the coin for a full refund* is always an option.  We don’t require a reason.  We want all of our customers to be thrilled with every purchase you make.  And we completely understand…not everyone is going to agree with our grade in every instance.  No worries.  

Please contact us within 14 days to be eligible for a refund.  We will approve the return and send you a return label.  Once the coin has been returned and received, we will issue the refund. 

 *In some instances, a 10% restocking fee will be applied.  


Can I send the coin to be graded and return it if it comes back lower?

We make every attempt to describe our coins, including any defects or detractions, as accurately and fairly as possible.

Should you submit a coin purchased from Of Coins & Crystals to any reputable third party grading service, and the coin is returned to you as,  in any way impaired,  ie. Not Gradable, Improperly Cleaned, Damaged, Whizzed, Repaired, Not Genuine, Etc., and has not been described by us as such, of course return the coin for a full refund.

If there is merely a difference of opinion regarding the grade, unfortunately, at Of Coins & Crystals, we need to draw the line at some point.  After a coin has been removed from the holder within which it was shipped, it is NOT eligible for return.  We hope that the reasons are obvious.


Do you buy coins?

We do.  We are always anxious to acquire new, quality collector coins.  We offer full appraisal service at no cost, and will submit an offer in writing for any collections of early American coins which you may wish to part with.  Contact if you’d like to discuss your holdings.


What the heck IS a half dime anyhow?

Half Dimes.  Pete’s favorite series!   Half dimes are, simply stated, exactly that.

The predecessor to the contemporary nickel,  these tiny, fascinating coins were minted in silver, from the earliest days of the United States mint in 1792, through 1873,  with the exception of a few brief periods (most notably 1806 through 1828 when no half dimes were produced).

Pete spent thirty years assembling a complete set, from 1829 through 1873, including over-dates and other varieties.  Boasting ‘A Liberty on every shield’, it is truly his pride and joy. 

Looking for a particular half dime ?  Shoot us a request…we will certainly do whatever we can to make it happen.