Willow - Mtorolite in Sterling/Fine Silver

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  • Willow - Mtorolite in Sterling/Fine Silver | Of Coins & Crystals
  • Willow - Mtorolite in Sterling/Fine Silver | Of Coins & Crystals

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The graceful willow, with its long sweeping boughs laden with slender leaves, brushes back and forth in the wind.  Our willow stood tall and proud for many years.  It towered over the barn roof.  The Tarzan squirrel loved to run along the roof line and leap into the air, snagging a leafy swing into the trunk of the tree.  

The entire tree swayed in the wind, shedding many branches in a storm, but still stood – standing firm.  Representing balance, learning, growth, and harmony in its fluidity, it adapted to the seasons changing.  The green of its leaves spoke of nature, fertility, and life as it withstood some of its greatest challenges.  The willow represents strength, stability, and structure.  

I chose the Mtorolite because the shape of the cabochon resembles the slender leaves of the willow.  

Mtorolite is connected to the heart chakra.  It supports one emotionally so life can be viewed with heart-centered awareness and emotional balance.  The calming energy of the stone helps to instill a nurturing peace that allows adaption to change with an open and loving nature. 

This pendant measures 2 3/4" long and can be worn either way.  A sterling snake chain (your choice 18"-23") is included.  The stone is lighter than it looks in the photos.

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