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Poppies - Peanut Obsidian in Copper

Poppies - Peanut Obsidian in Copper

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Peanut Obsidian is a variety of Perlite and a naturally occurring amorphous volcanic glass with high water content. The red spheres,  which make this crystal so unique, are actually feldspar crystals. These have been stained red over time by a coating of Hematite. 

Peanut Obsidian offers up mysterious energies, some of which can help one better connect to Mother Earth. The grounding vibrations help root one down to this physical realm, while also allowing their consciousness to expand and grow. The feldspar and Hematite within this mineral help activate one’s creative thinking, as well as engage your personal will.  Poppies are seen as a symbol of imagination, messages delivered in mysterious dreams, beauty, success, luxury, extravagance, and restful sleep and recovery.  

The stone on the pendant is 1.5" x 1".   The length of the necklace is 13".  

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