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New Day Dawns - Seraphinite in Copper, Sterling

New Day Dawns - Seraphinite in Copper, Sterling

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As the sun glances over the edge of the forest it casts its golden light across the tree tops.  Illuminating the tips of every feathery branch as it makes its way higher in the sky.  A new day begins.

Seraphinite, a gemmy variety of Clinochlore, shimmers with threads of silver on a dark green background. This stone, like all Clinochlores, allows us to appreciate all that is growing around and within us - physically, emotionally or spiritually – with tenderness and care. It helps create a sense of order in our life and helps us to see the order in the way of the universe, even when mired in chaos.  You are in control of your reality.  A new day dawns with love and understanding.   

The stone is set in copper and backed with sterling silver.  The pendant measures 2.5” and can be worn with a copper or a sterling chain. 

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