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Faden Quartz with Chlorite

Faden Quartz with Chlorite

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Faden Quartz is a unique deposit that forms connections with metamorphic rocks and is usually found in a vein with open spaces.  This type of crystal is described as a group of tabular quartz crystals with a white thread-like or string-like zone running through its interior. The crystals within the host rock will break when exposed to a silica-rich solution, but will quickly heal, attaching to opposing rock walls and creating bridges in the new opening. As the fissure continues to open, the crystal will continue to crack and heal. This process occurs in areas with low-grade metamorphism, where cavities in the rock are growing. The growth of these zones results in the repeated breaking and healing of quartz crystals, incorporating fluid and gaseous inclusions (the white threads). The edges of the crystals grow faster and incorporate the liquid inclusions in the center of the crystals. The repeated rupturing and healing leaves a scar of liquid and gas inclusions in the crystal: a white thread, the "faden". In rare cases, the faden is covered by chlorite, which demonstrates beautifully that a now platy specimen did indeed start as a thin thread.

This specimen weighs 14.2 grams and measures 1.75".  

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