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Evergreen - Verdite in Sterling/Fine Silver

Evergreen - Verdite in Sterling/Fine Silver

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I love all trees, but evergreens hold a special place in my heart.  A lover of green – this tree reminds us in the cold snowy days of winter and the dark, damp gray days of early spring that springtime and green are always there…waiting.  It seemed fitting to use Verdite as the stone for this piece. 

Verdite is associated with youthfulness, growth and renewal, and nature.  Verdite creates an awareness of the meaning and the measurement of time while supporting feelings of abundance, strength, and harmony.

Evergreens remain – although generally a soft wood – they stand through the harshest of winters and the heat of the summer. 

This pendant measures 2" and comes with a sterling silver snake chain in your choice of length (18" - 24" available).


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