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Chrysocolla sphere

Chrysocolla sphere

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Chrysocolla, a minor copper ore, has a cyan color and a hardness ranging from 2.5 to 7.0. It is formed in the oxidation zones of copper deposits and is commonly seen in botryoidal or rounded forms, as well as vein fillings.  


Chrysocolla is regarded as a symbol of femininity and encourages embracing gentleness as true power. It exudes ancient and enduring energies that connect with the feminine divine. It is often favored by wise women who utilize writing, painting, music, crafts, or acting to express their knowledge and expertise. This versatile stone also serves as a teaching tool, urging us to share our wisdom with others to benefit the greater good. This may involve speaking kindly and offering insights to a friend, mentoring a student, or setting a positive example through mindful and impactful language. It is also a valuable asset for those who frequently engage in public speaking.  

This impressive sphere weighs 17 oz and is approximately 70mm.  


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