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Birch - Malachite in Sterling/Fine Silver

Birch - Malachite in Sterling/Fine Silver

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The leaves of the birch tree are one of the first peeks into spring.  The promise of green to come, often tipped with a late spring snowfall, the leaf of the birch is full and brave. 

The birch symbolizes a fresh start and renewal, while it keeps the promise of new life and love.  It focuses our attention on the potential for change, new directions, and goals. 

Malachite, in all of its swirled greenness, is connected to the heart chakra, allowing us to let love flow freely to and from ourselves.  It is also said to be a protector, shielding us from negativity – from within as well as outside influences. 

The birch leaf serves to remind you of your dreams and goals – of new beginnings and strengthening of your bonds of love for others and yourself.

This pendant measures 1 3/4".  A sterling snake chain is included (18"-23").  

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