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Autumn - Cold Mountain Thunder Egg in Copper

Autumn - Cold Mountain Thunder Egg in Copper

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Autumn is a time of rest and a time to let go of all that has served you well.   It is a time to nurture and restore your base. 

The energy of Thunder Eggs helps one to align to, and be in resonance with, Mother Earth. They help one to remain grounded and align one to the magnetic core of the Earth.  It assists you to feel comfortable in your present and prepare for your future.  Thunder Eggs can help dispel negative emotional patterns of anxiety, stress and fear replacing them with the higher vibration of joy.  Ground and strengthen your connection to your self. 

This pedant measures 2.5" and is hanging from a hand forged 24" copper chain.  Each section is textured to represent a tree branch.  It features a side hook clasp.  The back is cut out with a tree to allow light to come through the quartz drusy center of the stone.  The colors in the stone color the leaves still hanging on the tree in a fiery burst of autumnal glory.  



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