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Apatite Sphere

Apatite Sphere

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Apatite, a group of phosphate minerals, is the main source of phosphorus globally. Its crystal form can be found in vibrant colors, masses, or nodules with a glassy appearance. Although it has clarity, its low hardness level (5 on the Mohs scale) makes it unsuitable for use as a precious stone. Precision in cutting and polishing is crucial to avoid any potential breakage of this delicate mineral. This sphere highlights an impressive range of teal hues and a glossy finish.  It weighs 9.42 oz and is approximately 50mm

Experience a sense of invigoration and drive with Apatite. This stone is believed to enhance ambition, motivate action, and facilitate beneficial transformations in your daily life. Associated with the throat chakra, it can aid in public speaking and self-expression.

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