Why is it always an "Elephant"?

Why is it always an "Elephant"?

So...let's talk about "the elephant" on the planet, shall we? We have done our best to carry on as usual, but we get it - folks are nervous about the spreading of the virus. Perhaps online shopping isn't something you want to dive into right now.
Truth be told, no one really knows a lot about the spread of the virus on inanimate objects. Will it live on my mineral or in the packing materials? How about on that pendant I purchased for Mary Lou? No one really knows.
What are we doing, besides our best? Cleaning, washing, sanitizing where it makes sense. I recently purchased a boatload of rocks. I was a bit apprehensive, admittedly. I picked up the parcels at the post office, then let them hang out on my back porch for a bit. We unwrapped each one, threw away the original packing material and boxes, washed the specimens and repackaged them in our own packing material and boxes. We feel relatively safe about them.
While I have been working on my jewelry, I follow the same precautions I always do - I wear a face mask and safety glasses. That is a standard part of my daily uniform. No change there. Each piece is washed and dried carefully, then wrapped in anti-tarnish paper and slipped into a Ziploc bag.
Coins? It goes without saying - you just don't clean them. They are rarely handled face on, but they are in individual holders and secured in our safe. We aren't doing any live shows - so there is no worry about breathers or handlers.
We get it. You might be nervous. Just know we do our best to keep a safe environment for all of us too. (Ok, all two of us and the animals).
Meanwhile, we offer gift cards. They are gift codes sent via email to use now or later...but they make a perfect gift for that special someone or yourself.  
So, my friends, Long post, but necessary. Be well. Be safe. Soon this will be but a blip in our lives and we will move on. Our biggest thanks to everyone working the front lines - from medical personnel to law enforcement officers, from grocery workers to the office cleaners...we see you and appreciate you. To everyone who gets up, leaves the safety of their home to make sure everything else runs as smoothly as possible for the rest of us, we thank you. The rest of you (and us) need to stay home.
Be well, be safe. We are all in this together. 
(My apologies to the Elephant)
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Good blog, and well-thought. I was hoping you and Peter are healthy and safe! I know I’d be doing a lot more buying, if everything wasn’t shut down for the virus – restricting in turn more people. Might have a look-see at that boatload, though! Love you all, my friends!

Lorraine Waite

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