Tucson Bound!

Tucson Bound!

We have some very exciting news to begin our year.  Chris is going to Tucson!  Wow!  Those of you that know her well are thinking “What?  Chris?  Alone in Tucson? She is going on a plane?”   Yup, alone.  

This has been something she has wanted to do since she was in her 30’s – yes, forever ago!  The opportunity surfaced and she jumped on it – with a bit of shoving and tugging from both ends.   

As you might know, Tucson is “rocking” this time of year.   The city is end to end Gem & Mineral shows!  While she usually brings her rock shopping buddy, Sarah, to shows (who is supposed to keep her restrained from overbuying- but mostly joins in the frenzy) – off she goes!  Never fear, we are not really letting her loose in the world with no restraints – she is meeting two friends on the ground.  Phew! 

It is a completely new experience for Chris, totally out of her comfort zone, and we are so excited for her!  Oliver?  He will be devastated and confused.  Mom never leaves me…she is always here at bedtime…  Poor little guy.   We are figuring out facetime (yes, we will be “those” people) so he can say good night to his mama.   Wilbur?  He doesn’t care.   Pete has plenty of food and lots of stuff to do while she is gone. 

What is on her list to buy?  Cool stuff, unusual specimens – NO CABS! 

Anyone have anything to add to her list?  Please comment below, reach out on Fb, or send her an email.   She is leaving at 6:00 AM from Bradley on February 1 and returning 11PM at Bradley on February 4.   She will take plenty of photos and videos to share while she is gone.  Stay tuned to our Fb or IG.  Let’s wish her well (and plenty of courage)!  It’s about damn time she gets out. 


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