The Tale of a Drusy Pocket

This year has been a doozy, hasn't it?  Countless things have been disrupted or seem quite disappointing, including our mining season.   

Due to the "pandemic"  - call it what you will, believe in it or not, but life as we know it has been drastically different since mid-March -  our mining season got a very late start.  No fault of anyone at all, shut down guidelines prohibited us from visiting our pit for a long time.  

While Connecticut experienced a drought, it was apparent New York had no such issue.  As typical, our pit was flooded most of the season, causing our work to be done higher up (think goonie layer) as opposed to down low in the drusy.   Our generator misbehaved and as a result, we only got to the bottom a few times. 

The one trip to the bottom of the pit resulted in the opening of a fabulous drusy pocket with some of the prettiest specimens of the season.  

First Glimpse.

An Itty Bitty Mini Cluster

Another peek inside

This is, hands down, the most fabulous calcite specimen we've ever encountered.   Calcite was formed after the quartz and will often encase the perfect Herkimer diamonds.  This is a drusy cluster,  often found just lying on top of anthraxolite with no touchpoints at all.  What you see on the top is a thin crust of drusy.  



Contents of the entire pocket, rinsed and dried (minus the spectacular calcite specimen)

Sparkly and complete.  This made our season, well thus far, as we hope the good weather holds out a bit longer.  

We will be offering this lovely drusy pocket, in its entirety, for sale as one lot.  Better photos and a video of that calcite piece are available.  Please email us at if interested in discussing the purchase before we load it.  Serious inquiries only, please.  

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