SPRING 2024!

SPRING 2024!

Finally, it's spring! The daffodils in my garden are in bloom and the forsythia is erupting in blazes of yellow. Our blossoms are much later than the rest of the area, but that just means we get to enjoy everyone else's and then ours! It's also time for Pete to plant his garden and hoe out last year's mess.  We are grateful that he is retired because he wouldn't find the time otherwise.


Springtime also means that we get to go back to the pit! Pete takes charge of the first few visits alone to clean up the leaves and winter debris. His plan for this year includes getting rid of one pesky tree stump which is blocking our expansion into the other side of the pit. We're getting the itch to get back at it!


What else is going on here? Show prep! Pete built an awesome display that will stand up to high winds and will be easy to assemble, in theory. We will test it in the backyard on a windy day. Sarah and I have also streamlined our storage, so perhaps we won't be the last to set up and the last to leave!  Our show schedule is still being adjusted,  but we hope to see some of our local friends and followers there. 


This is the time of year that we look forward to the most. Fresh air and sunshine allow us to come out of our lair and enjoy the blossoms, the woods, and the rocks. The emergence of life in all its glory reminds us of how blessed we are.

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