Rocking into Summer

Rocking into Summer

Pete has been busy with various tasks in the pit.  He removed that stubborn stump and cleared some overburden where Oliver's tent used to be. Oliver will have a new spot this season. The pit has been flooded, as expected, but Pete managed to rescue the pump from underwater. The pumping has started, but we can't join him this week due to TFH (IYKYK).






Despite the rainy conditions, Pete has been working on the garden and most of the seedlings are in the ground and doing well. 


As for Chris, she's been setting the alarm between 3-3:30 AM every day to get a few hours of studio work done before Oliver wakes up. Here are some work-in-progress photos of her recent projects.  We will have new pieces added to the website and on the road with us at shows.  


                           Black Tourmaline in Quartz

                         Natural top Purpurite


                                  Verdite (evergreen - SOLD) 

Our new show displays are awesome! We tested them out at our first event of the season. The wind was wild at times, but they did not blow away. Sadly, at the very end, while packing up, the wind ended up taking our tent, weights, and all, along with our tables, mineral specimens, and their tags. Oops. But the new jewelry displays are rugged and solid. We are very thankful no one got injured.


We have a busy schedule as usual and are looking forward to it. Our new show schedule is available here.  

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