Landscaping with Herkimers!

Landscaping with Herkimers!

Are your gardens or walkways a little boring?  Want a little sparkle?  Try Landscaping with Herkimer Diamonds.  I had the opportunity today to play around in my sister’s Fairy Garden.  What a blast we had!

First we just put this Drusy Specimen in next to one of the houses.  Pretty cute, huh?



Then we started adding some more.   The garden positively sparkles now!  The photos did not come out great, mostly because of the beautiful sunny sky behind us. 


We added one to a potted plant and it brightened the entire display. 


It was a lot of fun.  More importantly, her Fairy garden looks spectacular!  She will be the envy of her neighbors. 


We offer a whole range of sizes and lots for you to try your hand at decorating your flower beds, herb gardens and more!  How about a large impressive ‘goonie’ for your front entrance?  Check out our Landscaping Grade Herkimers.


We are also running a contest for the best fairy garden!  The winner will receive this specimen to add a little magic to their fairies’ lives.  Follow us on Facebook and enter the contest there.  You can also post your photos to the comment section below.  Winner will be picked on Sunday evening and posted on Monday!  If you don’t want to enter, you can like your favorite photo posted on Facebook.  Photo with the most likes wins!

 Happy gardening! 


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