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Iris - Fluorite in Sterling Silver

Iris - Fluorite in Sterling Silver

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Fluorite comes in so many colors - this is a beauty in a rainbow of hues from light green, a splash of blue and topped with purple.  True fluorite is colorless - the colors are due to various impurities in the crystal.  

Fluorite is useful in meditation as it is said to absorb excess energy, bringing calm and inner peace.  In this way  it can encourage a connection to your faith or spirit.  Reach deep within and find your wisdom, courage and strength to guide you on your path.  The iris symbolizes wisdom, courage, hope and faith.  One of the first flowers in spring - the iris brings signs of joy and stability.  

This pendant measures 1.75" and can be worn either way.  The iris is visible through the stone, depending on the light or background.  

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